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*Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! [userpic]
by *Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! (angel_1stdegree)
at August 19th, 2006 (11:43 am)

Ok guys this really is sad. Only two people entered. And I commend them for that.=)I know people have started school and things as have as well but I mean 2 people?Come on guys! Get those icons in!! The first challenge we had like 13 enteries I want to see those kind of numbers again! Not 2 and 3.But anyway on to the voting.

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by Gina Cohen (moowithme1989)
at August 7th, 2006 (05:00 pm)

Hey everyone! New challenge and banners.

Everyone really did win at the last challenge... three entries.
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And on to the new challenge. It's a bit more specific than the last, but I hope it'll cause more.. inspiration? I don't know


by Gina Cohen (moowithme1989)
at August 4th, 2006 (11:22 pm)

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Hey everyone! *waves* I'm Gina! Kat's having a nervous breakdown, so I bugged her into making me co-mod. Because I'm utterly hopeless at making icons, graphics, being creative at all, I'll be into the more technical aspects of the community.

Here are the entries for The Unnamed Challenge. Not a lot of entries, but you're all winners! Let's just see who's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

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The Kat Beast [userpic]
by The Kat Beast (the_bothererer)
at August 4th, 2006 (11:01 pm)

Voting is closed!

Now onto the winners of the 'Anthony With A Female Challenge' & with this, banners are all caught up (to my knowledge)

[ Edit: ] for the time being, I have asked moowithme1989 to help me mod while Angel is away and has yet to make any banners. Be nice to her, she bites

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The Kat Beast [userpic]
by The Kat Beast (the_bothererer)
at August 2nd, 2006 (04:21 pm)

'Out and About' Winners

You're all winnners in my book

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*Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! [userpic]
by *Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! (angel_1stdegree)
at July 30th, 2006 (01:05 am)

Kat is back! Ok so I know I haven't been on time. So this is a bigger post. The banners from the week befor are not up. I will make them soon. Ok so it seem that that challenge this week was not so hot. But hey its was all that I could think of at the moment. We had 6 people enter. So thanks to anyone who entered. You saved this week. Anyway onto all of the stuff that is under the cut. Which includes Voting, and new challenge with a twist! Voting will end Monday and the challenge will end friday. You have until midnight on both nights so please particapate if you can!

*Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! [userpic]
by *Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! (angel_1stdegree)
at July 22nd, 2006 (03:08 pm)

Ok so the_bothererer is on a break from lj. I didn't know about this until just a few mintures ago. So since I am not at my computer and wotn be until Monday and don't know when she will be back on lj I am going to go ahead and give the next challenge. I don't know when the winning banners will be up. But as of this very minute the voting for the previous challenge is closed. Anyway on to the next challenge. 

Anthony with a female
that means you can only use a picture of Anthony if he is with a female. He has to be out of charachter!
No images from any of his film. No Mark,no David,no Tony.Just Anthony with a felame.
-Anthony must only be with someone who is a female.
-he can not be in character
-you may use textures and all the jazz
-must fit lj standerds! No exceptions. We had a winning icon be cut because it didn't fit lj standerds.
-your entry will be screened
-this challenge ends friday at 10.(that way we will be back on track.) =)
-it must be original and toatly yours! No stealing.

Have fun.

*Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! [userpic]
by *Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! (angel_1stdegree)
at July 18th, 2006 (09:18 am)

Alright this is late and I am sorry. I am out of town. So on to the votes. Vote for your top three and all votes will be screened. Because we usally vote over the weekend and we aren't this week you have until friday.

*Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! [userpic]
Challenge 5
by *Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! (angel_1stdegree)
at July 12th, 2006 (12:36 am)

Sorry this is a tad late. But here is the next challenge. 

Anthony out and about.
What that means is Anthony out candid shots,premeirs,stuff like that
-must fit lj requirements
-must be made by you for this only no other icons.
-you may use brushes and things of that sort.
-all entries will be screened.
-must be in by 10 p.m. friday.

The Kat Beast [userpic]
by The Kat Beast (the_bothererer)
at July 10th, 2006 (10:43 pm)


you know you wanna click...

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