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*Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! [userpic]
by *Hannah Bear* Theatre Pimp! (angel_1stdegree)
at September 8th, 2006 (01:02 pm)

Ok So I still need to get the banners up from a challenge. And I am sorry I haven't but my laptop is BROKEN! And it sucks and all I have is here at school(well for lj) So in the mean time I have a challenge for you all this one is going to open until I close it becuse I really don't have a definate date for getting my laptop fixed. Although next monday I have a double free and they have photoshop so I can make them then. I will try. =) On to the challenge.

You can use any image of Anthony. Any show, anything goes as long as there is no text.
Although you can use tiny text. But nothing readable. 
You can use stock images,brushes, and aminmation.
All entries will be screened
make this icon brand new and all your own!
No stealing icons. Its just stupid. 
Thats about it! 
Everything else goes. But Anthony MUST be in the icon!!
You may submitt up 5 icons for this challenge.

We got 9 entires last time so come on guys get those icons in!
The more icons the better!!! 
There is no time limit so until you see a post saying the challenge is closed you can get those icons in!

Have fun!